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The highest grade of Japanese beef from the finest cows specially selected out of thousand of Tajima cattle. We invite you to taste the miracle of truly fresh ingredients. For us, there is no greater joy.

Savor the finest quality Kobe beef,
renowned the world over, with 511’s Kobe Beef Kaiseki

Redolent flavors, a smooth sensation on the palate, and sublime textures…Distinctions applicable only to top-grade Tajima cattle. That is the mark of Kobe beef.

511’s head chef bids on the finest Kobe beef cows, selecting for purchase, in their entirety, only those whose meat is of the highest quality. Lavish use is made of those rare cuts, which one has few chances to savor, in preparation for our genuine Kobe Beef Kaiseki.

If it is the taste of the meat itself that one desires, then our steaks are brimming with savoriness. At 511, we use a hearth oven with temperatures reaching 1,000°C, giving the meat a fragrant exterior, and juicy core. Come and enjoy to your heart’s content the flavors with a quintessence that cannot be attained on a hot plate or grill.

Sample the blissful marriage of all of this with select wines from around the world.

The origin of our name

The name 511 comes from the fact that we only use meat of the highest quality – A5 grade beef with a beef marbling standard value of 11.

About our logo

Kobe Beef Kaiseki 511 LogoOur logo is based on the Chinese character for cow as used within the Chinese zodiac (丑) . This symbol also means “the soil on which all creation stands; the source of all life.” The Chinese zodiac is often used with the ancient numeral system known as the celestial stem to denote directions, time, dates, seasonal shifts, and other matters. Our logo symbolizes our wish to offer the highest grade of Kobe beef in a variety of forms with different fresh ingredients each season.